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It is said that “Life is what happens to you when you are
busy making other plans”. We get carried away in things that we
consider are important.We forget that little things of our life usually
are the big moments of our life. They bring us more joy than big
plans we busily go on making.

Here’s a poem that describes how a mother feels when she
happens to notice the little things that her child did and begins to
feel how important it was :

Hand Prints on the Wall

One day as I was picking
the toys up off the floor,
I noticed a small hand print
on the wall beside the door.

I knew that it was something
that I’d seen, most every day,
but this time when I saw it there
I wanted it to stay.

Then tears welled up inside my eyes,
I knew it wouldn’t last
for every mother knows
her children grow up way too fast.

Just then I put my chores aside
and held my children tight.
I sang to them sweet lullabies
and rocked into the night.

Sometimes we take for granted,
all those things that seem so small.
Like one of God’s great treasures—
A small hand print on the wall.


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