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We have come across several elderly parents
who are not happy with their children’s
attitudes towards them. They painfully recall
the memories of raising their offsprings and
providing them all the comforts they needed.
They feel sad and defeated that their children
do not remember all the things that their parents
gave them.

The emotions that we experience stick
longer in our memory than concrete objects.
Sadly enough, if we experience happiness on
receiving a particular thing, we associate that
happiness with the thing. The object then
becomes the source of the joy we get.

Parents who believe in making children
happy by providing them material things desire
that their children should link the happiness to
his mom or dad and not with the new video
game or the leather jacket that they bought
for the child. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work
that way.

Buying material things is not a way to bond
with our children. Instead, cherishing them and
loving them for what they are and expressing
our deeper feelings towards them is what will
bring them closer to us. In order to have our
kids experience joy and comfort because of
us, we have to forsake the support of
materialistic objects and become that source
of joy ourselves!


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