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From time to time, we all get inspiring messages through emails, quotations on the walls of our workplaces, text messages, books, magazines, even printed on handbags or on the back of t-shirts! No matter how many times you read them or hear them, those messages are always valuable, because they ignite a spark somewhere within us. If they don’t do so, then it is a sign that our soul needs some cleaning up to be receptive of motivation. Here’s a video that motivates through its pictures and words:



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Children who could be truly exceptional end up living mediocre lives during school and when they grow up or worse still, even struggle to prove themselves. This happens because we are often unable to go beyond academic scores and label childrens’ intelligence on the basis of their grades. However, intelligence is not just limited to that – one child could be great at poetry, the other at Math, one at art, the other at verbal communication and so on. These are all absolutely wonderful intelligences to have, if harnessed in the right way. Here’s a Youtube video on multiple Intelligences:

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