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The world is very different from what it used to be
a few years ago. When today’s parents were
growing up, things were quite different from how
today’s children are growing up! The generation
gap between parents and children has always been
emphasized. This gap has more chances of
becoming profound in the present times if proper
attention is not given at the right time.

Changing times have brought with them a
change in attitudes, values, habits and lifestyle. All
of this calls for a wide change in our approach.
Whether it is a matter of education or
communication, of assessment or entertainment—
everything needs to be approached differently from

Even though it is not possible to keep track of
every new thing that happens or exists, yet it is
important to be aware that the world in which
we are living today is changing every moment. It
requires us to have broader mindsets, more
flexibility in accepting change, the ability to think
out-of-the-box and most importantly, to learn from
our children too. Our children are native to this
new world. Just like they can learn from us about
what used to happen before, we can learn from
them too about what happens now. It will help us
all to get the best of both worlds!


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