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It has been proven that a person’s
understanding and learning ability can be
developed by making connections
between various learning activities. If you
think creatively, Reading can be linked
to Music, Shopping can be linked to Art,
Mathematics can be linked to our day to
day work and much, much more. For
example, while buying clothes, discuss
complementary colours; when teaching divisions, talk about sharing
two liters of milk among family-members; when reading a story
about animals, connect it with the ‘Discovery Channel’-show that
the kids watch. It helps to make learning interesting and it reinforces
their concepts.


Here is how to make studying fun and effective: Take short
breaks while working. Sitting in one spot
for a long time makes us feel tired and
bored. Make short targets for yourself
when you study. When you achieve them,
reward yourself with a short interval (e.g.
a juice or a stretch). Also, when you resume
studying after the break, quickly review
what you had studied before and then move
on to the next section.


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