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Parents leave no stone unturned to see their children
happy and successful. Sometimes, children are unable
to understand the love. It is important to show to our
children how each action of parents is a mark of care
and affection.

– What parents and teachers are most worried about is the safety
of their children. Whether at home or at school, in the
playground or in the TV room, they want to protect you from
any type of risks, from all sorts of dangers. So when they ask
you about what you’re doing on the Internet or tell you not to
play with a particular person, don’t feel like they don’t want
to let you have fun. They are only being protective.

– If there’s a problem at school or somewhere outside of home,
don’t feel afraid to share it with your parents. If you think they
will scold you and get angry at you, it is only because they
care. No one will care more about your problem than your
parents. So, talk to them without hesitation. Your parents are
your saviours— they and they alone; none else is. Confide in
them in all cases, in all circumstances. 

– We all need friends and make friends. But sometimes we find
that a friend who appeared to be great at first did not turn out
to be so great in the end. So before making friends, think

  • Someone who would tempt you to lie, to cheat or steal
    is not a friend. Someone who poses to be a better benefactor
    than your parents is not a friend. None can be a greater
    benefactor than the parents.
  • Someone who makes a show of his love is not a friend.
    Love is not an exhibition. It is an innate feeling. True friends
    will give you their honest opinion and will be there when you
    need them the most.

– No matter how old you get, don’t ever think that you can
stop hugging your parents. I know we sometimes feel shy
because parents are strict and don’t express their emotions
freely. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take the first step.
Greet your parents with open arms sometimes. Share your
feelings of care, concern and love openly!


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