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We think it is time! Time to stretch our wings and soar up to the sky. What’s a journey after all, if one does not rise in the process? As part of this broadening of horizons, we are changing the title of the hard-copy booklet from ‘A Journey With The Child : Let’s walk together’ to  ‘A Journey Within Ourselves: Let’s grow together’.

We all realize that we can help others only by helping ourselves. Whether it is our children, our family-members, our students, our colleagues or our friends, we can continue a journey of love and peace in harmony with them only if we are aware of ourselves first. 

By changing the title, we do not imply any major changes in the content of the booklet. Those who have kept up with all of our issues will recall that most articles of these booklets have appeared under different categories, all of them emphasizing the need of self-analysis.

It is important to remember that ‘All the wonders you seek are within yourself’. To be able to journey with children and others, we need to peek within ourselves, come face-to-face with our ‘wonders’ and create more. It will help us to have a better understanding of our own self, our own likes and dislikes, in a rational way. This way we shall have better understanding of others too.  It will enable us to continue on this journey of togetherness and keep growing with each step. 


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How often do your kids see you having fun? If you are fond of singing loudly when you take a shower, do your children hear you doing that? If you like to shout out with pleasure when your favourite team scores in the match, does your family hear you do it? If you love cracking jokes, do you do it with your kids frequently or have you just saved that talent for guests and parties?

Have you ever thought that life will pass by us and we will keep trying to gather things – some meaningful, others not; or we will keep preaching – some things that we ourselves practise, others which we don’t; or we will keep working endlessly – sometimes towards a purposeful goal and at other times just aimlessly? In all of this, we forget the most important thing of our wonderful life. The journey!

We need to enjoy every moment of life. After growing up, we don’t have to stop having fun. The most important thing we can teach our kids is to live life joyously. We also need to model this. Words are hollow if there is nothing to prove them. So in this new year, let’s resolve to enjoy every moment, thereby giving our children a chance to see that life is wonderful if we approach it with the right attitude.

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