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Hey children, would you like a peek inside your parents’ minds?

Here’s a secret – when your parents say or do something, they are sometimes thinking something else. This is especially true when you hear them say something that is not exactly what you wanted to hear. Let’s take a look at the following example.

Sometimes, it appears that your parents are discouraging you. It gives the feeling that they’re keeping you back from what you feel would be perfect for you. Do you know what they’re usually thinking in their mind – “May be saying something negative now will motivate my little one to go ahead and shine, just to prove me wrong! Next time, when you think your parents are saying something that makes you feel discouraged or annoyed, try to put yourself in their shoes and think what must be going on inside their mind— certainly a desire to stand defeated in front of you, their child!

Parents love to see their children to be far ahead of them. Next time when you hear your parents say something that is about to make you upset, take a deep breath and think about what they must really be thinking! Your frustration will dissolve in seconds and you will see your parents in a totally new light.


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