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It has been proven that kids do better at school and at studies when their parents spend time with them at home. Even though a lot of parents understand this, most of them find it hard to implement. Reasons could be several – lack of time, lack of interest or even the lack of understanding about how this should be done.

 Well, to begin with, here are some pointers to get started:

  •  Designate a study area for the child with adequate lighting and minimum distractions. To do well in studies, kids need to be away from family chatter, siblings’ activities and telephone locations. This is one of the first steps in helping a child with his or her homework.
  • In consultation with the child, set up a schedule when you will be sitting with him, focussing not only on the start time but also the end time. Children have a certain attention span. Younger children cannot absorb new learning after 10 to 15 minutes. If the work is made to stretch for too long, you and especially the child might lose interest for future meetings.
  • Approach the situation with happiness. Turn the study time into a pleasant experience by starting with an interesting educative discussion or an interesting mind-stretching exercise that you can both do together in the end.
  • Try out various types of activities during your meeting. Make it interesting for the child as well as yourself. You don’t have to show during this time that you’re the boss. Sometimes you could read the textbook aloud for them and even ask them to spot mistakes of pronunciation.

 These few minutes of your time spent with your children cannot only help them succeed academically, but can end up being an important part of your relationship and a memory to cherish for the future!


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