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Let’s Walk Together

Come my dear, let’s take a walk

Don’t ask ‘where’, don’t ask ‘why’

For all we need is a walk—

By ourselves, hand-in-hand

Saying adieu to the cares of the world.

Come my dear, lest it is too late

To enjoy ‘togetherness’

To consider and celebrate our blessings,

For the fountain of youth will drain one day

Leaving behind scarred memories.

Come my dear, and tell me not

That you have no time

For soon enough, there really will be none.

Time is a tough master

It flies fast and no one can keep up.

Come my dear, let’s walk together

By the riverside, on the street,

Questions of ‘where’ and ‘why’ don’t matter

As long as we are ‘together’.

The rest can all wait for some time.

Let’s sip some joy from the cup of life

Come my dear, let’s walk together,

And on this journey, grow together!

— Nivedita Shori


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In No Hurry For Anything

Most of the time, we make children follow our pace. Our years and years of experience, makes us believe that we are the leaders and they need to be the followers. It never occurs to us that the little ones’ lives are so different from ours. Moreover, they have nobody but us to take them through this life the way they deserve. They deserve our attention and our time. Not only their physical, but also emotional and psychological requirements need to be addressed. They need us to slow down to their pace sometimes so that they can see the world with their little eyes and make sense of it in their little minds. In fact, we need to see the world as they see it. Their vision is all open and hence, far wider than ours. They think and look beyond the surface, which we become focused on. All this helps them broaden their perspective of the world. This is where their comprehension and analysis of life begins. But do we let them do that in peace?

The following poem titled ‘Hurry Up’ by Cecilia Benson  captures the thought.


 “Hurry up,” I always hear you say, “Or I will leave you behind.”

I hear these words the whole day long and though you are so kind,

Most of the time I just wish I would hear you softly say,

“Just take your time tying your shoes, or finish up your play.”

 The world is all new to me; time has not dimmed my sight;
And all around me there’s things to see that fill me with delight.

Don’t catch me up in your round-rush, your pressures I cannot stand.

Just slow down and look around, and then you will understand.

Please let me take the time to look, to listen, and to climb.

I’ll miss some things along the way if I hurry all the time.
For some day you’ll say, “Hurry up!”, when you’re walking down the road.
You’ll turn around and I’ll be gone; `cause I hurried up and growed!

~ Miles To Go..

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