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Learn to ‘Earn’

The early years of life are for studying and learning. It is a student life. After that it is usually time to apply all that learning for earning— for a livelihood to live a reasonable life. This way, the sole aim of learning becomes confined to earning and earning alone.

Seeing this attitude, I sometimes wonder: Isn’t learning in itself a form of ‘earning’? The knowledge, experience and wisdom that one gathers through learning is something that has been acquired forever and that will in fact, be one’s permanent asset.

‘Earning’ in the literal sense means cash flow. It helps us lead our lives comfortably. But sometimes we take it too far. We forget there are other things to earn too. We need to ‘earn’ respect, reputation, trust and knowledge. These are some of the things that learning teaches us. All the earned cash might be reduced to nothing without a moment’s notice. And that is the time when all the ‘other’ earning that was collected through learning will help one rise over and above the trying times.

 Never cease to learn even if it doesn’t give you an opportunity to enhance your earning in the material sense of the word. After all, we don’t live to earn, we earn to live!

~ Nivedita Shori


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